Meet Roger Federer’s Adorable Daughters

Roger Federer Australian Open 2012 Semi-finals

When Swiss tennis super-star Roger Federer battled against his frenemy Rafael Nadal on Thursday night at the Australian Open, the crowd was clearly cheering for him, as well as his wife, Mirka and his coach Paul Annacone.

Yet, there was two other spectators watching the match with a visible interest, Myla Rose and Charlene Riva, adorable 2-year-old twin daughters of Roger Federer came to support their daddy.

Roger and Mirka’s tots, who are clearly Roger Federer’s look-alikes, were sitting with their nannies in a separate box.

Roger Federer twin daughters at the Australian Open 2012

Maybe they will become tennis’s next number ones someday.

Roger Federer daughters 2012 Australian Open

But now they’re clearly enjoying their daddy’s play.

Roger Federer twins Australian Open 2012

Roger Federer twin girls 2012 Australian Open

The more they grow, the more they resemble their celebrity dad.

Roger Federer wife Mirka Federer at the Australian Open

Roger Federer’s wife Mirka, watched her husband play from a separate box, so that their daughters wouldn’t see her emotions. She was clearly dissapointed with her hubby’s loss to Nadal.

5 Responses to Meet Roger Federer’s Adorable Daughters

  1. Pam Miller says:

    They are so like him and gorgeous hope he wins another Grand Slam so they will be there to see it.

    • Ann says:

      So agree with you, Pam! I really hope that there will be more Grand Slam glory for Roger! He deserves this! and I want to see his girls with him during the trophy ceremony!!

      • Edet says:

        Last year’s RG-Wimbledon run was a joke. Free lunch is over, Mr. Federer has been sititng on such a high horse that when he falls it’s going to be long and hard.

        • Ann says:

          Hey Edet! Well, last year Roger reached QF at Wimbledon, and I am sure he will be back to 1/4 this year as well, but I am not so sure re RG final

  2. Anonymous says:

    They resembles with Nadal…. muhahaha

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