Russian Tennis Champion Safin to run for Duma Seat

Marat Safin US Open Champion

Former No 1 ranked tennis player Marat Safin has admitted he plans to run for lower house of Russia parliament this December.

Safin, known for his outbursts and high temper, will try to use his energy and argumentative skills in politics, as he aims to secure one of the 450 seats in State Duma in several weeks.

“I am running for a place in Federal Parliament in Russia,” Safin revealed. “The elections are held on December 4th so I will find out soon.”

The Russian tennis star was considered extremely talented, but highly unpredictable player, loosing his temper so many times, with breaking rackets and arguing with the empires, being normal practice for him.

“I think I am an intelligent guy and I have a lot to bring and a lot of ideas about things and what to do. I am very committed to it,” said former Australian Open Winner, and added that he would definitely be the best looking guy in the State Duma, as other members are over 60 years old.

Safin retired from sport in 2009. During his illustrious career he won US Open and Australian Open and reached the No.1 ranking in 2000. He is currently working at the Russian Tennis Federation and the Russian Olympic Committee.

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