5 Opinions about Roger Federer Paris Win

Roger Federer

Since I am writing an article about Roger Federer and his Paris Masters and Basel wins, I checked many sources, and read several great posts on this subject, written by various tennis bloggers, so I decided to make a separate post, sharing the best posts of the famous tennis authors reflecting Roger Federer Paris Win and what does it mean for him, his rivals, ATP tous and tennis fans out there.

So, here is my review:

1. http://blogs.tennis.com/thewrap/2011/11/playing-to-win-the-game/comments/page/1/

Steve Tignor has been one of my favorite tennis authors, and his articles never dissapointed me, as I’m always of the same opinion, and this one is not an exception. Better check it yourself!


Well, I totally agree with Erik Wallulis on the point that Roger still has that drive to win, and the desire shut up these talks of retirement. I believe that Roger will keep that urge going at least until the Olympic Games next year.

3. http://blogs.tennis.com/tennisworld/

Peter Bodo reminds all the fans and hater of the great Swiss to avoid writing off Roger, as this is the biggest mistake a tennis aficionado can do. And Mr. Bodo is so right, I’m pretty sure Roger will end this year on an even higher note.

4. http://www.wearetennis.com/en/#!/blog/945/accuracy-and-consistency

Here is a great post by wearetennis.com blogger Craig Gabriel, where I particularly enjoyed a quote by Roger Federer – “I think normal common sense can solve so many problems within our sport”, I was always confident that Roger is the wisest man in the sports, and this article is yet another proof of my opinion.


And the last article for the day, is a post by Chris Chase. Instead of reviewing Federer improved shots, confidence, this post is about Federer-the-great-dad. Too cute!

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