Djokovic should learn humility, Emerson says

Novak Djokovic Celebrates Victory

The legendary Aussie tennis player and 12-time Slam winner Roy Emerson believes that Novak Djokovic should show less emotion during matches, and behave more like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

“I believe it would be great to see him show a bit more modesty like Nadal and Federer,” Emerson admitted. “Now, he is too much in the celebration, roaring and chest thumping after winning every point.”

“I would like to see him chasing Federer and Nadal not only when it comes to Grand Slam wins, but also what takes humility and sportsmanship.”

In 2011, Djokovic won the Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open titles, enjoying an outstanding form throughout the season and the Aussie tennis legend hailed the Serb’s impeccable achievements during his breakthrough season in which he has only lost one match and retired from two.

“Novak has really raised his game to a totally new level this year,” said Emerson. “He is the best player this season and his game adjusts well to Rafael Nadal.”

Novak Djokovic cheering after winning a point

“Djokovic is able to return Nadal’s forehand very well, in contrast to Federer, thanks to his powerful double-handed shots.”

“He shows no signs of nerves, whenever he is tested on court and he obviously gained a huge boost of confidence from winning the Davis Cup in 2010.”

Emerson was one of the few players in tennis history to win all four Grand Slam titles, completing a ‘career slam’, and the veteran admitted Djokovic can be the main contender to achieve this success.

“He is still very young, and showed tremendous consistency this year, so I believe Djokovic will be a potential Grand Slam winner over the next years as he doesn’t have any weak surfaces,” Emerson added.

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