Victoria Azarenka crowned Australian Open 2012 Champion

Victoria Azarenka with Australian Open 2012 trophy

It was a long road to the finals of the Australian Open for both, as Victoria Azarenka was step by step improving her game and temper, while Maria Sharapova is still returning to her best game from the severe injury that almost put an end to her career.

It was expected to be an intriguing match from many aspects, including the vocal one, as there is much hype about the excessive shrieking in women’s tennis now, and both Maria and Vika are the best representatives of “loud players”.

Dozens of expert forecasts were performed, with Patrick McEnroe and Stephen Tignor giving the victory to Azarenka, while Peter Bodo and Nick Bollettieri put their bet on Sharapova.

Set 1

Victoria Azarenka during Australian Open 2012 final

Looking at the first game of the match, with Azarenka serving, it seemed that those, who predicted the Belarus player will have difficulties dealing with her nerves,were right. Sharapova took the first two games with no chances for her opponent, and led 0-30 in the third game.

Maria’s coach was showing some signs of smile, and everyone thought that its would be a easy win for Maria, who knew it would be easy … but not for Maria.

22-year-old Azarenka won the next 3 games, and started dictating every point, winning the first set at 6-3 in 46 minutes.

Set 2

In the first game of the second set Vika continued her dominance, gaining two break-points and winning the first of them thanks to a magnificent play. If a certain episode of play can “break” a player like Maria Sharapova, it happened in the second game, when she earned a break point but failed to convert it, taking a 2-0 lead.

I am sure all spectators and fans arouns the world were shocked, as they definitely expected a close match, fight, full emotions and intrigue. But it never happened, as the powerhouse Azarenka was dominating Sharapova in every component of the game, and while many hoped to see an epic comeback from Sharapova, Azarenka took a commanding 4-0 lead.

The Belarus No one looked liked a true champion, she never paid attention to her opponent’s struggle, but played some unbelievable, flawless tennis instead.

Victoria simply didn’t gave us a chance to hope for a comeback from Maria, who looked dull, lacking her usual champion’s temper, confidence, inflexibility and belief in herself.

Game, Set, Match 6-3 6-0! Victoria Azarenka is the new Australian Open Champion!

Victoria Azarenka won Australian Open 2012

It was one of the most lopsided champion in the history of Australian Open. And Azarenka became the fourth consecutive player to win her first Grand Slam.

With this win, Azarenka also became the new number one in womens’ tennis; the new Cinderella of this sport. Yes, sponsors love these stories, like of Maria Sharapova and her Siberian childhood, Serena and Venus Williams and their poor environment, and now it will be all about Vika.

Maria Sharapova showed her champion spirit when paying a tribute to her Belarus opponent. She already had all of it – the tough road to the top, the triumph, the celebrations, and it looks like tennis can’t surprise and motivate her like it was when she was 20. But she has a new stage of her life in front of her, as there are rumors that she will marry her boyfriend, Sasha Vujacic this year.

Victoria Azarenka will have a new stage of her life as well when she wakes up tomorrow. She is the star and tennis first-ranked player from now.

Azarenka and Sharapova Australian Open 2012 Womens Trophy Ceremony

Victoria Azarenka Australian Open 2012 winner

Victoria Azarenka Australian Open 2012 Champion

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