Maria Sharapova Wins, Keeps Her Promise

Maria Sharapova wins 2012 Australian Open semifinal

It was a sweet revenge for Maria Sharapova, who ousted Petra Kvitova in three tough, close and very nervous sets to return to Australian Open finals for the first time since winning the title here in 2008.

While millions of Maria-fans across the world were celebrating her win, and haters were saying that she has one more match to win, and that she would not have enough weapons to stop Victoria Azarenka, I remembered her press conference after the first round defeat to Maria Kirilenko at the Australian Open 2010.

Here is the video from that interview:

“I′ll be back here on the Saturday of the second week, so you′ll watch”, that’s what Maria said then.

I remember the fans’ and reporters’ reaction on these words and on her effort to come back to the top of the game – barely one believed in her.

Even when she was in the finals at Wimbledon and semis at Roland Garros last year, some people said it was sort of play of chance.

Yet, Maria Sharapova will enter the Rod Laver enter on Saturday, January 28th, to play against Victoria Azarenko in the championship match of Australian Open 2012.

It took two years, but she kept her promise!

For me, she is a great champion and unbelievable personality.

PS Thanks to Denny Tenn for inspiring and never stop believing.

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